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The Successful Delivery of The 110kV 31500kVA Oil Transformer

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Jiangsu Huachen Transformer co.ltd is thrilled to announce the successful delivery of a state-of-the-art 110kV 31500kVA Oil Transformer to our esteemed client. Thanks to the experience and unwavering commitment to quality, our team has designed and produced this vital part, which is specifically designed to satisfy the complex requirements of contemporary energy systems. The 110kV 31500kVA Oil Transformer is evidence of our inventiveness and our persistent commitment to excellence.

As we hand over this critical infrastructure piece, we express our deepest gratitude towards our client for entrusting us with this project. Our collaboration has been nothing short of inspiring, paving the way for future projects that aim at elevating the standards of power transmission networks across the globe.

Jiangsu Huachen Transformer is still dedicated to advancing innovation and technology in the future. We look forward to working together with our important partners and stakeholders to achieve the wider goals of sustainable and dependable power transmission in addition to the effective operation and long-term viability of this transformer.

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