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Multi Branch Converter Booster Integrated Chamber

Product Description

The integrated multi branch converter and booster cabin belongs to the field of substations, which is used to solve the power waste caused by the energy consumption of the new energy power generation system. This equipment can store the inexhaustible power through the cooperation with the battery cabin, as a supplement to the grid in high power consumption, effectively solving the power waste. This equipment has the ability to cut the peak and fill the valley, meet the dynamic needs of users, smooth the output power, and improve the acceptance ratio of the grid, Increased economic benefits. The inverter step-up integrated box type substation includes the control protection part, PCS inverter part, high-voltage part and transformer part, which is characterized in that the control protection part and high-voltage part are arranged on the same side, and the transformer part is located in the middle of the PCS cabin and high-voltage part; The PCS cabin directly converts the AC of the power grid into DC for charging the battery cabin; When the power grid needs electric energy, it will be fed back to the grid. The multi-branch converter booster integrated chamber is used together with the battery compartment as an ideal energy storage equipment.

Product features:

1.Compact structure,small area, external radiator , better cooling effect.

2.It is with new transformer series technology, reasonable structure, stable and reliable.

3. Transformer oil is used as the insulating medium of 10KV or 35KV side HV elements,greatly reducing the reliable distance.

4.The tank adopts the fully sealed structure, so that the oil and atmosphere are isolated, so that can reduce the oxidation process and water vapor intervention,improve the stability, reliability and stability of the system equipment. Meanwhile, it uses chip radiator with easy disassembly and assembly, simple maintenance.

5.The substaion shell is treated with special spraying process, which has good anti-corrosion and anti-exposure ability and can effectively resist the erosion of wind sand.

6.The low voltage side adopts the new intelligent circuit breaker, plastic-case air switch,which has high sectional capacity and good protection performance.

7. The transformer oil tank can be equipped with a pressure gauge and thermometer with a communication interface, and the load switch can be equipped with a travel switch to realize the remote monitoring, operation and maintenance of the transformer.


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