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Inverter Booster Integrated Transformer Substation

Product Description

The Inverter Booster Integrated Transformer Substation, also known as an Inverter Booster Substation, is a specialized electrical infrastructure that combines the functions of a power inverter, a booster transformer, and a substation in a single, integrated unit.

Inverter Booster Integrated Transformer Substation belongs to the field of substation, to solve the photovoltaic power generation system in DC inverter and AC booster need to use two sets of equipment brought by the defects of large construction volume, power loss.

Inverter booster integrated transformer substation includes low pressure part, high pressure part and variable pressure part, its characteristics are that the low pressure part and high pressure part are arranged before and after, the variable pressure part is located in the low pressure part and high pressure part of the left or right; 

In the low-voltage part, the direct current generated by the photovoltaic power generation system is collected and inverted into alternating current; Transformer part, the low voltage alternating current into high voltage alternating current; 

For the high-voltage part, the high-voltage AC power is protected and measured. Inverter Booster Integrated Transformer Substation is used to invert and boost the electric energy generated by photovoltaic modules into stable available electric energy.


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