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Congratulation to the Namibia Rosin Project High voltage /Low voltage Prefabricated Substation Delivery

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Congratulation to the Namibia Rosin Project High voltage /Low voltage Prefabricated Substation Delivery, thanks for the end user trust and it will have a great process in the renewable energy filed.

It is so glad to share with you our this delivery news and hereby to share with you some more technical information of this item:

The main function of the prefabricated cabin substation is to convert the low-voltage AC generated by the power generation system in the new energy field into medium-voltage AC, and feed the electric energy into the grid. The prefabricated cabin substation integrates low-voltage cabinet, transformer, ring-network cabinet, auxiliary power supply and other equipment into a steel structure container, providing a highly integrated power transformation and distribution solution for the medium-voltage grid connection scenario of ground power stations.

Product  features:

1. Real-time detection of the working status of low-voltage cabinet, transformer and ring-network cabinet

2. Online detection of power parameters, current and voltage detection accuracy up to 0.5 level

3. Support the remote control of the main circuit breaker of the low-voltage cabinet and the ring-network cabinet, and the remote inquiry of the ope ration information of the box-type substation

2nd: Simple
1. Internal equipment has been prefabricated and installed

2. Compact 20ft container structure, suitable for various transportation conditions,easy to install

3rd :Reliable
1. The structural design is firm and reliable

2. The protection grade of low voltage room and medium voltage room is IP54

4th :Rapid  Deployment

1. Enable rapid deployment

2. Only low-voltage incoming line and medium-voltage outgoing line need to becompleted on site

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