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ZGS Combined Substation

Product Description

ZGS combined substation


1. Small size, compact structure, small footprint and easy installation.

2. Low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, strong load capacity beyond the nameplate capacity, and strong resistance to sudden short circuit.

3. Fully enclosed and fully insulated structure, stable and reliable operation.

4. The wiring mode is flexible, which can be used for both terminal system and ring network system, which is convenient for conversion and improves the reliability of power supply.

5. Easy operation, convenient maintenance, short production cycle and low engineering cost.

product description

ZGS series combined transformers are American-style transformers, which are series products developed according to the needs of urban and rural power grid construction, development and transformation. It is a transformer that combines corresponding auxiliary equipment such as transformer body, switchgear, fuse, tap changer, low-voltage power distribution device, etc., and can meet the user's various configuration requirements such as energy measurement, reactive power compensation, and low-voltage shunt. ZGS type combined transformer is an independent complete set of transformation and distribution device with rated capacity of 63~1600kVA in AC 50Hz, 6~10kV network, which can be used both outdoors and indoors. It is widely used in various places such as industrial parks, urban residential quarters, commercial areas, high-rise buildings and temporary construction sites.

Product parameters

IP protection grade: IP33

Dimensions can be provided after design according to user's drawings.


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