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10kV State Grid Standard Prefabricated Substation

Product Description

10kV State Grid Standard Prefabricated Substation

product description

According to the "1135" distribution network operation service management strategy requirements of State Grid Corporation of China, improve equipment selection standards, improve the quality control system, improve the durability of distribution network equipment, highlight the core of good equipment, based on safety, reliability, sturdiness and durability, unified standards, The principle of general interchangeability is to promote the standardization of power distribution equipment in an all-round way.


1. Meet the requirements of the design specification of the 10kV HV/LV prefabricated substation standardized design customization scheme (2018 version), produce the substation prototype and pass the test of the national authoritative organization, and record the product in the China Electric Power Research Institute.

2. The characteristics of the box material are divided into metal type and non-metal type.

3. The characteristic of the box variable size is that the external structure size and the internal structure size are unified.

Conditions of Use

Due to the uniform size of the product and strong interchangeability, the cost of civil construction is greatly reduced. Because the high voltage uses a ring network cabinet with comprehensive protection functions, it can also be used in residential quarters, wharfs, stations, highways, viaducts, and temporary use on construction sites. electricity, etc. anywhere.

Executive standard

GB/T17467: High Voltage/Low Voltage Prefabricated Substation

GB/T6451: Technical parameters and requirements of oil-immersed power transformers

10kV High Voltage/Low Voltage Prefabricated Substation Standardized Design Customization Scheme (2018 version)

product advantages

1. It is small in size, saves floor space and saves civil construction costs.

2. The high-voltage protection is comprehensive, divided into terminal type and ring network type of power supply, with a wide range of applications.

3. The overall box substation is divided into 6 functional rooms, which meet the requirements of intelligent prefabricated substations.

4. The transformer is placed in an overall closed case, with less noise and radiation.

5. The overall protection level of the box transformer is relatively high, and it can be used in places with large salt fog and dust.

product description

The product structure is arranged in mesh shape, and the power supply mode is terminal type or ring network type. From left to right are the high-voltage room, the transformer room, and the low-voltage room. According to the needs of smart substations in the market, the design room, data acquisition room, DTU room, and a total of 6 functional rooms for the whole box transformer can be added, with compact structure and comprehensive functions.

Product capacity range: 

The capacity of 630kVA and below can meet the size requirements of 3650*2200*2500mm (length*width*height), and products above 630kVA can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Scope of product application: suitable for residential quarters, wharfs, stations, highways, viaducts, temporary electricity consumption at construction sites and other places.

Product capacity range

It is recommended to have a capacity of 630kVA and below, and products above 630kVA do not meet the following size requirements

Product Size

630kVA box size (length * width "height): 3650*2200*2500mm


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