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Prefabricated Cabin Substation

Product Description

Prefabricated Cabin Substation

product description

The main function of the prefabricated cabin substation is to convert the low-voltage alternating current generated by the power generation system in the new energy field into medium-voltage alternating current, and feed the electric energy into the grid.

The prefabricated cabin substation integrates low-voltage cabinets, transformers, ring network cabinets, auxiliary power supplies and other equipment into a steel structure container, providing a highly integrated transformation and distribution solution for medium-voltage grid-connected ground power stations.


1. Real-time detection of the working status of low-voltage cabinets, transformers and ring network cabinets

2 On-line detection of power parameters, the detection accuracy of current and voltage is as high as 0.5

3. Support the remote control of the main circuit breaker of the low-voltage cabinet and the ring main unit, as well as the remote query of the operation information of the box-type substation


1. Internal equipment is prefabricated and installed

2. Compact 20ft container structure, suitable for various transportation conditions, easy to install


1. The structure design is firm and reliable

2. The protection level of the low-voltage room and the medium-voltage room is IP54

Rapid deployment

1, can achieve rapid deployment

2. Only need to complete low-voltage incoming line and medium-voltage outgoing line operation on site


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