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YB Prefabricated Substation

Product Description

YB prefabricated substation


This product is a series of products designed by our company on the basis of ZGS type combined transformer to meet the needs of urban and rural power grid construction. It has small size, compact structure, short on-site installation and commissioning cycle, and can replace traditional substations (substations). And can meet the user's electric energy metering, reactive power compensation, high and low voltage various schemes and other configuration requirements, representing the development direction of small and medium-sized substations (substations).

This product is suitable for power users of 10kV, 50Hz, 30~1600kVA in industrial and mining enterprises, stations, wharfs, airports, public places, high-rise buildings and residential areas. It can be used for both ring network power supply and terminal power supply.

product description

Combined substation: a combined and type-tested complete set of equipment. Main components: transformers, high-voltage switchgear and controlgear, low-voltage switchgear and controlgear, corresponding internal connections (cables, busbars and others) and auxiliary equipment. A combined substation is connected by cables, can be operated from inside or outside it, and can be installed (partially or fully) above or below the ground.


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